Top: Eucalypt tank by Megan Nielsen
Size: Size S
Fabric: Abakhan Fabrics
Alterations: Graded out to M at the hips
Skirt: Self drafted trumpet skirt
Fabric: Irish Cream Linen Union from The Cloth Shop

So today you get to see one of my self drafted makes from the clothing design course that I’m doing. If I stick with it it will fashion design diploma but it’s a lot of work so we’ll see. I  wanted to make something simple and summery but something more than basic straight skirt. I decided to make a trumpet flare skirt because it’s a flattering shape but a little bit more complicated in terms of design while maintaining simple lines. I went with Irish linen as the fabric because it has a good amount of structure to it so it would hold the flare nicely. (Apologies for the wrinkles in these pics – I didn’t get the chance to iron before taking them)

The skirt has a invisible zipper at the side seam and a facing at the waist so that the waist lies nice and flat against the body. It’s also lined with a cream light cotton so that it’s really light and perfect for the summer. I wanted to keep the flare of the trumpet design in the hem so I used a roll hem on my overlocker to finish it which I think worked brilliantly. As I sewed the roll hem I stretched the hem slightly to help it flare even more. I like the finish anyway.


I’m wearing my trumpet flare skirt with my Megan Nielsen Eucalypt tank that I finished about a year ago but never got around to blogging. I love this tank. It’s really comfortable and easy to wear and perfect for summer. Megan Nielsen designs are so simple but that’s part of their beauty. They are simple but well drafted basics that you’ll wear all the time. I love that!


Have you guys done any pattern drafting classes or courses? I’m really enjoying mine so far and have sort of become obsessed :)

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  • The Reckless Needle

    Hi Stephanie, It’s fab – fits you so well! I’m thinking about doing the pattern drafting course too (you’re in Grafton Academy aren’t you?)… I did the dressmaking course there last year and found it good. :)

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      Ya I am! The design course is great, I recommend it. I go on Tuesday nights if you’re going to start it in the new year :) Would be cool to meet a fellow blogger in person!

      Basically you work on your blocks starting with skirts and moving on to bodice/dress blocks and trouser blocks. You make your own blocks to fit you perfectly which is why you get such a good fit. And it’s really fun just to meet up with people that love sewing and chat.

  • http://gingermakes.wordpress.com/ Ginger

    This is super pretty! The shape looks great on you! I love it! I’ve talked about it on my blog a bit, but I took a patternmaking course and didn’t really enjoy it. I’m not very mathematical or logical at all, so I made so many mistakes and spent hours and hours on the homework- it just isn’t how my brain works! But it was still cool to get a better idea of how things go together. I learned lots in just one semester!

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      Thanks! I’m really enjoying the course. I had considered doing fashion design in college but went with the more sensible option of computer science in the end. I’m really really enjoying it although at times it can be complicated. I’m quite logical and mathematical though which is where the computer science side comes in.
      My highest aptitude in those aptitude tests you do in school was visualising flat shapes in 3d so maybe I was meant to do pattern making all along :)

  • Elisabeth M. Schoopp

    Nice skirt! Very flattering design, and I think the fabric is perfect. Wouldn’t mind one of those…

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      Thanks Elisabeth. It’s really not difficult to do. I might do a little tutorial on it for people so you could follow that and make your own :)

  • http://flowercatdesigns.wordpress.com/ Kelly

    So flippy and cute! I love the tank too, you really can’t go wrong with that simple shape!

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      Thanks Kelly! I’m so happy with how it turned out. And you’re right – a simple tank is a perfect basic. I’m totally on a basics and wearable every day sewing projects kick right now

  • Sam

    Your skirt is really well fitting and flattering – it’s lovely :-) I’m doing the Craftsy Bodice Sloper online course, but I became a bit disenchanted as it took several evenings to draw up the first bit (the moulage) and somehow I’d done it wrong. I was then frustrated at having wasted that time so just wanted to make something before I got back to it and working out where I’d gone wrong. I’d *love* to do a proper pattern drafting course though.

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      I’m sorry the first try at a bodice sloper didn’t go well. Keep at it though because you really do get a really great fit when you can make your own designs or alter them based on your block. I had read a lot of books before my course but I do find having a teacher there very helpful at times. Maybe you can find one in your area?

  • http://www.nevermindthebobbins.co.uk/ Rachel Hatfield

    This is a great design and a really flattering shape! I’m a beginner so a long way off drafting my own designs but aim to get there one day. I will be sure to follow your blog to see your course goes.


    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      Thanks Rachel! I look forward to seeing how you get on with your makes on your blog. I think once anyone gives sewing a try they really become addicted :)

  • mrs robinson

    A great summer skirt… and totally your own make! No pattern drafting for me, I can feel myself getting confused just sitting here thinking about it. I shall follow other people’s patterns once they have done the hard work! Lovely top too…

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      Thanks! I hope to put a little tutorial on the blog at some point so hopefully it won’t be too confusing and you can give it a try yourself :)

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