Pattern: On the Grass by Joji Locatelli
Size: Size 34.5 bust
Fabric: Madelinetosh DK Twist in Hosta Blue
Alterations: None

This really is my current favourite make. It’s a really flattering design for me because of the detail on the top and sleeves which helps to balance out my smaller top half. The On the Grass jumper by Joji Locatelli is a straight forward design but it looks more complicated than it is. The main pattern stitch is double seed stitch which looks really impressive but is one of the most basic stitch patterns.

I made this jumper alongside making a jumper for my sister with a more complicated stitch pattern. This was my quick and easy project to work on in parallel and keep me motivated. It worked and this jumper was finished in about 2 weeks even with working full time so it’s a really quick make!


The Madelinetosh yarn in Hosta Blue is fabulous turquoise colour that looks amazing in person. I love all the Madelinetosh colourways but this is definitely one of the best I’ve worked with. One complaint I do have about Madelinetosh is that I ordered online and I do think that some of the skeins were different dyelots. I got around it by changing skein every now and then so you can’t really tell but it is annoying when you have to do that.


I really enjoyed making my On the Grass Jumper and love wearing it even more. It’s really comfortable and cosy (now it’s getting a little too warm to wear it anymore!). I really don’t want the weather to get colder but one good thing would be that I’ll be able to wear this jumper again!

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  • http://redheadedlass.blogspot.com Stephanie

    That is one stunning top. Both the pattern and colour are gorgeous. .Mmm. A pattern for my library me thinks.

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      Thanks Stephanie! I really recommend the pattern and enjoyed making it. I’m sure you will too :)

  • http://www.teaandrainbows.com/ Kirsty Maurits

    This is stunningly gorgeous! Adding it to my Ravelry favourites right now.

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      Thanks! I look forward to seeing your version some day :)

  • Elisabeth M. Schoopp

    Oooh! Nice!

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      Thanks Elisabeth :) I delighted with how it turned out! It helps to have a great pattern to work with

  • http://sewclassic.blogspot.com/ Kristin Jones

    Sorry to hear about the trouble with the different dyelots, but your sweater looks gorgeous!!

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      Ya I hate when it happens. I’ve had it happen a few times before with Madelinetosh. As much as I love their colourways and yarn it really annoys me. It’s not so bad if the colourway is fairly consistent. If there are multiple different colours in the colourway it can be disasterous looking!

      I’m delighted with the final result though so I can’t complain too much :)

      • Lucinda

        MadelineTosh don’t do dyelots. Their advice is to alternate skeins to ensure consistency.

  • http://caughtonawhim.com/ Erica

    It is adorable!! I love the ribbing on the neckline. It’s so good to see you back blogging again. I’ve been enjoying seeing your handmades! :)

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      Thanks Erica! I’m glad to be back too. I missed blogging and keeping up to date with all the crafting blogs I love, including yours of course!

  • www.tresbienensemble.com

    I love this! The color, the pattern, everything! I’m currently working on Joji Locatelli’s Neon sweater. I really like her designs A LOT. She’s one of my new go-to designers.

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      She’s one of mine too! Her patterns always keep me interested and the final result is really lovely. I’ve made the Neon cardigan before and LOVE it. I wear it all the time.

  • http://gingermakes.wordpress.com/ Ginger

    Gorgeous sweater! I love this on you!

  • mrs robinson

    Beautiful colour, and pattern. Lovely people keep sharing lovely makes that I want to make right now! A moss stitch jumper certainly gets added to that list

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