Apologies for disappearing for a while. We have a very important project at the moment in work and it’s taking up a lot of time. I’ve also started training for a 5k run, have gone back to Bikram yoga and my sister is temporarily living with me. With all that and having to stay late in work, life just got busy! I’m still sewing lots in my free time but there hasn’t been any extra time for blogging. I have so much to show you! Things should calm down into more of a routine this month luckily.

So back to this long overdue blog post! I took the plunge and picked up my new Bernina a few weeks ago. I decided when I was at the Bernina shop to go with the Bernina 580D. It has the most room to grow with and is the best machine that I could afford. We’ve been getting to know each other over the last couple of weeks and I have to say, she’s an amazing machine.


The stitches are perfect which is such a relief after all the trouble with my Singer machine. Mechanically everything works so smoothly and she’s much quieter to what I’m used to. There’s no crazy jumping around or anything, even with thicker fabrics. It just feels lovely to sew with. I also love how the machine looks. It’s so much fancier to my old machine. This is a serious step up!

The machine came with a spacious extension table, free hand system, carry case and accessories box. It also came with the stitch regulator which seems to cost extra normally. I bought a walking foot as an addition too. I will be having fun collecting all the Bernina feet. The Bernina 580D comes with the standard feet rather than the snap-on ones that the cheaper models now come with which is another bonus.


The touch screen computer is very intuitive and fast. I was concerned that it might be confusing but it’s very easy to use and I feel I’m already up to speed with it. It has a great little feature where you can pick the fabric you will be working with and it will tell you the appropriate needle size to use and readjusts the settings so that the stitches will be perfect. The stitches are grouped by category and it is super quick and easy to change between them. You can program stitch settings into the system, change to another stitch and then quickly go back to the first one again when you need. Really cool!

When I arrived to pick up the machine the dealer said that Bernina were doing a deal on the Embroidery Module which meant that I could get it for less than 30% of what it would normally cost. I intended to wait and buy the Embroidery Module at a later point but I couldn’t pass up a deal like that! I haven’t tried to extensively use the embroidery features yet but I’m looking forward to getting to grips with it this weekend. The machine comes with over 100 embroidery design patterns and it also comes with a USB port so you can extend the embroidery library with Bernina designs or create your own. I’ve yet to get up to speed with but am looking forward to making my own labels for my handmade clothes.

I’m really delighted with my new baby. I’ll have to come up with a name for her. Do you guys name your sewing machine? I have already named my dress form Dolly :)

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  • http://sewclassic.blogspot.com/ Kristin Jones

    Ooh, congrats! I’ve been eyeing a Bernina, but I don’t think it’s meant to be just yet. And I never considered naming my sewing machine until she got “sick” and I had to take her in for repairs aka the sewing machine doctor – haha!

  • http://gingermakes.wordpress.com/ Ginger

    Wow! So cool! Congrats, girl!

  • thequirkypeach

    So awesome! And great deal on the embroidery machine!!! Can’t wait to see them in action :)

  • http://bennomusik.blogspot.com/ Kelly

    Yay!! Congratulations!

  • Liz

    Enjoy the new addition to the family! Name suggestion…Babes?

  • www.tresbienensemble.com

    OOOOO. EYE CANDY! Your new machine is amazing! I would love to have one juts like it some day.

  • http://dixiediy.com dixie

    woohoo! looks awesome! and making your own labels? how cool! For a name – how ’bout Bernadette? Or Barbara (Babs)? Or something else that starts with B ’cause I feel like this machine should have a B name to go with Bernina.

  • Hilary

    Such a good choice – I have the same machine! I named mine Baby Bernina. Haha Hope you’re still loving your Bernina!

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