This weekend we had absolutely glorious weather in Dublin! It was too hot to stay inside, too hot to sew, too hot to do much of anything except sit in the park and soak up the vitamin D. I did do my part for Worldwide Knit in Public Day and I knit in the park for a while but the suncream got on my hands and it was all a bit tricky after a while so in the end I just read a book and took it easy. Today I had a lovely BBQ in the park with friends. All in all a fabulous weekend! Now it’s that time again – The Love List is back to ease your Sunday night/Monday morning blues!

  1.  Rhea Silvia by Sara Morris is coming out later this month and looks like a beautifully intricate infinity wrap!
  2. Have you seen the new Bombshell swimsuit pattern from ClosetCaseFiles?! This is my dream one piece. Can’t wait to give this a go!
  3. Dixie DIY mentioned on Twitter today that she was working on this Folded Miniskirt DIY from Small Things. I hadn’t heard of Lisa’s little space on the web before and love this skirt idea. I’m excited to see what else she has in store!
  4. The Purl Bee have this cute little Heirloom Needle Case on the blog this week. I love this idea. A perfect little pouch for your embroidery and hand sewing needles.
  5. Joan Crawford by Theodora Goes Wild has been on my Ravelry queue for ages now! I love this design. You may recognise Theodora from A Stitch in Time! She’s one of the lovely models in the book!
  6. I love lemon desserts and treats and these Perfect Lemon Muffins look delicious. In fact everything on Top With Cinnamon’s food blog does.

If you haven’t already signed up for the Stylish Dress Book Giveaway then don’t forget to do so before end of day on Wednesday the 12th!

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  • Maeve Fanning

    Like the look of those muffins. It was definately too hot in Ireland to sew this weekend but what beautiful weather, we just have to enjoy it when we get it. Also bought the swimsuit pattern – think I can blame the weather for that purchase but its so beautiful.

    • Stephanie

      It was glorious wasn’t it?! Pity it’s gone now :( I don’t blame you buying that swimsuit. I actually think that it’s a great pattern that won’t go out of fashion since it’s a vintage style so even if you don’t have an occasion to wear it till next year it’s not so bad a purchase!

  • Ginger

    I’m pretty seriously excited about the bombshell swimsuit pattern! I’ve never worn a one-piece, but it is really so cute!

    • Stephanie

      I know! I haven’t worn a one piece since I was a kid! This pattern is just so great that I’m going to have to make it. Especially since all the makes I’ve seen so far are gorgeous. It seems to be a really flattering design.

  • Erica

    I love the retro look of the bathing suit! :)

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