Let’s Make Some Undies by Marion Hall

Despite the slightly unfortunate name this is actually a great little booklet. Let’s Make Some Undies is from The Let’s Make It Series which contained a number of booklets on various sewing techniques and projects. From the name you can probably guess that the Let’s Make Some Undies Booklet covers sewing underwear. In particular hand sewing techniques for making underwear. Written c1940 it offers some lovely sections on

  1. Choosing and Taking Care of Equipment
  2. Patterns
  3. Materials
  4. Cutting Out – Tacking – Fitting
  5. Darts – Gathers – Seams
  6. Edgings
  7. Plackets – Waist-bands – Should Straps, Gussets
  8. Embroidery

There is certainly a sewing trend for underwear developing in the blogosphere. A Very Purple Person has been making all the sewing world jealous for years now with her beautiful underwear makes! Recently Tilly and the Buttons also posted her smalls online. More and more blogs are mentioning that they are making their own underwear or looking for inspiration. I have a few other things on the burn before getting to that point myself but it certainly is a good way to use up left over fabric.

According to Marion ‘hand sewing is the hallmark of the best underclothes. Sewing in itself is not enough; the stitches must be small and the workmanship perfect’. This is not a complete reference book for making lingerie but it is a cute little booklet that covers the main techniques and stitches used. It does assume, as most books of the time did, quite a bit of sewing knowledge.


Instructions for hand sewing edgings

I really enjoyed the sections on hand sewing edgings and embroidery. Since most sewing books nowadays forgo these sections in favour of more basic instructions that people don’t learn at home  or in school. Once you get to past basics it’s nice to see something a bit different.

Are you joining in the underwear sewing trend?

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  • http://www.tresbienensemble.com Michelle

    I’m seeing so many undergarment posts, I’m tempted to try them for myself. I don’t know why the thought of this makes me feel so silly. This little booklet looks like a gem.

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com stephanie

      I know, it does seem a little bit silly doesn’t it? Then again they say that you should spend the most money on your undergarments and if you’re sewing clothes anyway for a good fit why not your underwear also. Plus they look so cute. I have serious lingerie envy when I look through a very purple person’s collection! Which I guess is why it feels funny… since in real life you wouldn’t really know what someone is wearing underneath their clothes!

  • http://gingermakes.wordpress.com gingermakes

    What a fun booklet! I’m very tempted to make some undies, but not bras. The process of fitting a bra just seems very tedious and downright joyless to me.

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com stephanie

      Ya I know what you mean. I suppose though once you found a pattern that worked or had one that you’d altered to properly fit then you could make lots of variations… It’s just getting to that point is the problem :)

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