I’m literally just getting this in under the wire for the Laurel Dress contest. Talk about cutting it close! I’m a little disheveled in these photos. I had just arrived home from work and was rushing to get the shots taken before the light went. When I did my inspiration post, I had my heart set on a beautiful eyelet version. However when I went to get fabric I couldn’t find eyelet fabric that I liked anywhere! I did find this lovely floral cotton with a nice sheen a 3% spandex for a little bit of comfort. I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out, with a few adjustments the fit is great. I’ll definitely be making more of these and hopefully will get to make an eyelet one at some point.


I decided to do View 3 which has a cute 60s vibe. The dress came together very quickly. After cutting it only took a few hours to finish the whole thing. I did find the sleeves a little annoying to set in. I find Colette Patterns tend to have a little bit more ease in the sleeve head than other patterns, making it a bit harder to set in without puckers. It went in fine but I have to remember this in future! Do any of you find the same?


I cut a size 4 and following the sizing went out to an 8 for the hips. However when I did the side seams I realised that the dress was swimming on me! I should have measured the pattern pieces and would have realised that I could have left the hips at a straight 4. This dress has a lot of ease and I took it in a bit at the waist and bust as well. I also had to move the bust dart down because I’m tall and the dart would have finished too high.


I finished the bias binding around the neckline using a slip stitch as the pattern recommends. I was happy with how even my stitches turned out. It’s true that it just takes practice and your hand sewing improves immensely. I really get satisfaction out of nice finishings.

I’m going to be tagging this under ‘laurelprint’ and ‘laurel’. There are some amazing Laurel dresses and tops in the Flickr group. Good luck to everyone that took part. I know I have my favourites picked out already!

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  • http://www.tresbienensemble.com Michelle

    I LOVE it!The print is perfect with the ruffled sleeve detail. And, if this is your disheveled, I’m a hot mess.

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com stephanie

      Aw you’re sweet. A slick of lipstick and smoothing of the hair does wonders!

  • http://ferndalelane.blogspot.com/ Lorie ~ Ferndale Lane

    Looks great! I love the print, can’t wait to see it in an eyelet if you find something you like, it would be romantic with those sleeves!

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com stephanie

      Ya I’m definitely going to make an eyelet one before the summer is over. I’ve found some on American websites but it will cost a good bit for shipping. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any closer to home

  • http://gingermakes.wordpress.com gingermakes

    This is SO cute! I love it on you! You’ve really nailed the fit, and that print is too sweet!

  • http://aviewintomyworld.wordpress.com aviewintomyworld

    looks great & your hand stitching is really even :-)
    hope you find some eyelet…

  • http://www.sleeksilhouette.com Katy

    Wow, I love it. The fit is perfect! You look gorgeous :)

  • http://caughtonawhim.blogspot.com/ Erica

    Oh, gosh, your dress is stunning. I have the pattern, but didn’t get the chance to work on it this month due to some traveling. I’m hoping to get to it soon! I wish you luck in the contest! :)

  • http://becstitches.blogspot.com.au/ Bec Stitches

    Yours looks great, fits amazingly :)

  • http://www.cutcutsew.com Kelly

    It is so pretty!! I found the same thing with the ease in the sleeves. I ended up removing about an inch of ease out of the back half of the sleeve and it set in much easier.

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com stephanie

      Ya I think I will do the same in future for Colette patterns. I found a similar problem with the sleeves on the Violet blouse as well but I forgot to check when making this up.

  • Liz

    Love this dress on you. The print is really pretty and the dress so simple but gorgeous!

  • http://megmadethis.blogspot.com MadeByMeg

    oh you look darling!

  • Taracat

    I did the same thing as you, drawing a bigger size at the hips then taking it in again. I also had to move the bust dart down and I’m only 5 ft 2- quite a lot of people I know have to do this with Colette patterns. Despite this it’s one of my new favourite patterns. I love your version, the fabric is gorgeous and I am very impressed by your hand sewing.

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      Ya I’ve had to move the dart a few times with Colette Patterns as well. But as you say, it’s a great pattern and once you’ve made the required adjustments it’s a great base pattern to work from :)

  • sewamysew.com

    The adjustments look great, the tighter bodice looks really flattering on you. The print suits you too. I think I’m going to do a top version with the cuffs next, they look really feminine.

    I haven’t had the Colette ease issue yet and I’ve made of couple of their things. I’m sure someone has though.

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      Ya I wasn’t happy with how it looked without putting some extra shaping at the waist. I’m too used to emphasising my waist to give me a nice shape and couldn’t do without it. I should probably try to make one more true to the real pattern at some point.

      In terms of the ease issues, I think my body shape is just REALLY different from the base model they use the patterns for and that’s why I have problems. It doesn’t take much to alter them though :)

  • http://astrangestrangegirl.blogspot.com/ Jamie Eversole

    Your laurel fits you wonderfully! Really, really pretty!

    • http://www.mabelmakes.com/ Stephanie

      Thanks! I love your Miz Mozelle dress! I’ve been eyeing that one up for a while now. I think I’m going to have to buy it after seeing yours :)

  • http://twitter.com/thimbleandcork Thimble & Cork

    This is soooo lovely! The fabric is beautiful and I love that you did the version with the cuffed sleeves.

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