I have a confession to make. I’m a pattern hoarder! I continuously buy new patterns or pattern books when I see them come out because they are so beautiful and I think I simply MUST have them. However, I live a busy life and finding sewing time can be hard. I am often unrealistic in my sewing plans. As much as I’d love to sew and knit all day every day, I have a full time job that often requires me to stay late. Most of the time finding a few hours on the weekend or of an evening is the most I can get.

Here are some of my patterns in my collection. I store more in the blue folder behind. I have a bit of a problem... This doesn't even include the ones I've bought online and have to print out!

Here are some of my patterns in my collection. I store more in the blue folder behind. I have a bit of a problem… This doesn’t even include the ones I’ve bought online and have to print out!

However, I’m going to consciously make an effort to start using some of the sewing patterns I already own this year. I love making lists and plans so it only seems fitting that I would make a list for my sewing projects. I may still be slightly overambitious in my list. Also new patterns may grab my attention and change initial plans. That’s ok. I’m willing to accept that. I just hope that with a plan I can focus on things that I want to do and make in the next few months. So here’s my list with what has grabbed my attention so far.

Unfortunately this list doesn’t even almost cover all the patterns that I own and have yet to make. I’m not sure if I’ll manage to get through all of them and I’m likely to get distracted by other fabulous patterns along the way. However, at least the intention is there and hopefully it will help focus me to try and get through some of them.

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  • http://cuckoochanel.wordpress.com Cuckoo Chanel

    Great post, Stephanie! You’re going to have so much fun with all of these. Renfrew is as great as everyone says. I made the cowl neck version and love it. And I’m wearing my first pair of Clovers right now. They’re not difficult, and it’s great to have a pair of custom made pants. Cambie is awesome as well. Like you, I’m also jumping into the Mad Men challenge. I have the fabric but still need to narrow down my pattern choices. I am also patiently waiting for my Elisalex pattern to arrive. It’s the spring sewing plan I’m most excited about. What a great idea of yours to use Elisalex for your Mad Men dress. Brilliant. Have fun with all of these. Take your time and enjoy the journey. If only I could take my own advice… :)
    From a fellow pattern hoarder,

    • stephanie

      Thanks Shelley, I’m looking forward to starting them all. I chose these patterns because they’re my favourites. A couple of renfrews will be very useful. After that maybe I’ll make the darling dress from megan nielsen. It’ll be a nice one to have coming into summer. I must have a look on your blog now and see how you got on with your clovers :)

  • http://www.tresbienensemble.com Michelle

    I completely empathize. My sewing pattern buying is starting to become a bit obscene. But they’re so gorgeous, I can’t help myself. There should be a support group for gals like us. Though, I imagine we’d just talk each other into buying more patterns…. 😀

    • stephanie

      Haha yes that is definitely true! In addition to sewing I love to knit and at my craft night I completely enable other people with their hand dyed wool buying habit :) It’s hard to resist beautiful fabric, wool and patterns because the end result is so lovely! Plus if you’re putting the effort in to make something I figure why not find things you really love to work with…

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